Калъф Salesman (12Bx24S)

Категория: Калъфи за билярд
Цена: 568.00 лв
Action 12 Butt and 24 Shaft luggage Style Case Spacious pockets Water bottle/ drink holder 3 extra external cue holders Carrying handles Extendable roller handle Travel bag for protection during shipping Lock and keys for extra security Interior Case Layout Exterior Colors- Black only Shape- Rectangular Material- Vinyl Pockets- 3 Top- 8.5" long Bottom- 14" long Side- 14" long Base- Black plastic feet with wheels in back Length- 36" Interior Structure- Poured rubber mold casing Lining- Soft felt Direction- Shaft inserts in tip down Butt- Butt inserts in pin down Length- Fits up to 30" shaft